A Ohio bartender who wrote ‘fags’ on a customers’ receipt has claimed it was a ‘joke’.

Alissa Maugen, who was serving her friends at West End Tavern in Cleveland, put the homophobic slur on the ticket.

Thinking it was funny, the group then put it on Instagram.

But it soon started going viral on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, with several Ohioans saying they plan to never go to the bar again.

‘Can’t believe you have people like this working for you, she should be fired and not allowed to work in the service industry!!!’ one said on the bar’s Facebook page.

Not going there anymore. Not even an apology from the bar.‘ another added.

Maugen, speaking to ABC6, said she was just serving two people she knew and it was not intended to be seen by anyone other than her group of friends.

She said: ‘I understand it’s a very sensitive thing but it wasn’t meant to be offensive toward anybody.’

Source: New feed

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