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As the loud voices of discrimination ring out in a handful of US states (Texas and Indiana, anyone?) an adorable Minnesota tourism commercial was released without fanfare.

The #OnlyinMN ad paints the state in a pretty awesome light – not just because of the zip-lining, tank-driving, and beer-drinking opportunities available, but also thanks to its refreshingly fun message of inclusivity: stars of the ad, Ben Meents and Chet Ritchie, are a gay couple, and fathers to three amazing kids.

So inspired by the ad, their 13-year-old daughter Emma decided to contact state governor Mark Dayton directly, to ask him about his views on LGBTI equality.

‘Since I’m only 13, I’m not really like a national expert in “state awesomeness” or anything,’ the modest teen explained, speaking to Advocate

‘So I thought I had better talk to someone a lot smarter than me on this topic.’

She added: ‘If you ask me, any state with a governor who would agree to spend time with a teenager to talk about LGBT issues has to be pretty amazing.’

After grilling Gov. Dayton on what makes Minnesota so great, Emma explained she wanted to understand the message he thought the state was sending, in using a gay couple to promote tourism.

‘I think it is really important for us to show that regular families — whether gay families or heterosexual families — represent Minnesota,’ Gov. Dayton explained.

‘We want to send a clear message to everyone, which we have done over and over again, that Minnesota is one of the friendliest states to the LGBT community and as a state we will protect everybody.’

This isn’t the first time Emma has stepped into the public eye to champion her family.

Despite only being in the eighth grade, the articulate writer has penned articles across the US media to discuss LGBTI rights – and describes herself as an ‘LGBT ally + advocate’ on Twitter.

Watch the full commercial here:

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