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A British politician who was found to have left a homophobic message on a newspaper’s website will not be punished.

Mike Harris, who serves as an independent councillor in the southern Welsh county of Torfaen, was found to have said an offensive statement about gay women.

In a comment posted on the Daily Mail website, he said if gay women want to have childen they should ‘buy a Barbie doll’.

It was found Harris left the comment on the website after reading an article that claimed the NHS was to fund a sperm bank for lesbians. In fact, it was for all women and not just gay women.

The full comment read: ‘Totally and ethically wrong in my opinion! They should buy a Barbie doll if they want to play at being a mum’.

In the investigation by Torfaen council’s ethics and standards committee, they found this comment offensive.

Mike Harris

They also found another post, the article ‘Hamas executes 11 Israeli informers’, where Harris posted ‘Once A Muzzy!’

He claimed the slur was referring to the old meaning of the word, meaning a ‘mess’, but the investigation found it could very easily be misread as a Islamophobic slur.

The committee found both comments offensive, but said they will not be issuing any sanctions against Harris. They said the European Convention on Human Rights protected his freedom of speech.

As reported by the South Wales Argus, Harris said: ‘This is a victory for freedom of speech and freedom of expression.’

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