October 19 2015 8:59 AM EDT

Brody Jenner and Matt Deichl went to a Walgreens in Southern California on Sunday to pick up a pair of reading glasses. Another customer, recognizing the E! celebrity, decided to seize the opportunity harass Jenner about Caitlyn’s well-documented transition. Jenner is one of Caitlyn’s sons.

Earlier this year, Jenner opened up about his post-transition relationship with hs famous father, who was known as Bruce before transitioning. “Growing up, I didn’t really have the greatest relationship with Bruce. I didn’t really see him that often,” Jenner said during an interview on the Today show in July. “And Caitlyn is just a much freer person. It’s incredible to see the difference between Caitlyn and Bruce. Bruce and I just kind of really didn’t get along, to be honest, and [with] Caitlyn it’s literally like getting to know… your dad all over again, but in a better way.”

Watch below as an unknown woman taunts Jenner about his family in a video he posted to his Instagram account.

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