A puppet made waves on primetime television when he acknowledged his attraction to a male singer.

Pepe the King Prawn, a Muppet known for his Spanish accent and Hollywood aspirations, came out as gender fluid last night after he praised the looks and talent of Josh Groban on ABC’s The Muppets

The revelation came after a female character proposed the singer as a date for Miss Piggy to the People’s Choice Awards.

“Let’s call Josh Groban next,” she said. “He’s single, he’s got a great voice, and he gives me the feels.”

“He gives me the feels, too!” responded Pepe with enthusiasm. After a silence settled over the room, he said, “What? He’s a handsome man. And gender is fluid.”

We wonder what One Million Moms will have to say about this one? Watch the clip below.

Source: http://www.gay.net/rss.xml

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